About DPS Global

Welcome to DPS Global

Education is responsible to make a nation great. We firmly believe that the children of today will become leaders of tomorrow. So, we, at DPS Global, consider it our responsibility to help these innocent souls become the smartest minds of the future and make India great again. The nationwide team of DPS Global has a perfect mix of well-trained and highly committed educationists who firmly believe in the fact that a pre-school is actually a commitment by the present generation to the future generation, that has to get ready to shoulder the responsibilities of New India.

What We Offer


DPS Global – An upscale play house for your child. Here we provide children active and intergrated learning.

Expert Classes

Teachers at DPS Global make the best use of knowledge – including better problem solving strategies, enhanced and unique adaptation of goals for each individual, effciently trained in all departments, engaging with youngsters to motivate them and help in growing to the full potentials hidden in them.

Digital Classes

Digital classes at DPS Global is not only restricted to audio-visual interactions using televisions and projectors but also introduction of mic sessions, digital pens and other numerous activities which help in diminishing the inhibitions from the very beginning and, in turn, helping children become confident and frank.

Advance Activities

DPS Global considers extra curricular activities as one of the most important part of the child development. TO ensure an all-round development of kids at our institution, we have included facilities like art and craft, dance classes, swimming classes, etc. A number of themed activities are also conducted every week.

Active Learning

It is a new world for children and their inquisitive mind is ever-ready to grasp all they can in the very first instance. Listening is one such activity which helps children in learning the most, be it actively done or heard passively. We also help children to learn more through various activities such as reading, writing, discussing, interactive learning and problem solving. A child can have all-round development only when his is mentored as per KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Attitude). Active learning helps children in doing two major things – performing a task actively and thinking the actual reason why they are doing it and how they are doing it.

DPS Global Group was incepted after undertaking a huge amount of research on the behavioural and developmental pattern of the toddlers and pre-schoolers on a day to day basis. Our primary objective is to provide a cheerful home-like environment to children in order to ensure all-inclusive development of your kid. Our learning programme is specially designed to enable children to always be attentive and responsive through various specially-designed interactive sessions and smart assessments. We aspire to mould each mind into a confident and responsible soul who is ready to take the nation forward on his own irrespective of the field he is in.

Mentors at DPS Global are trained specially to impart knowledge, values and optimism in your child.

Our curriculum is designed to enrol children at age as less as two years. At this tender age, the child is mentored to approach the world positively, add healthy habits and develop the love for learning.

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